Telehealth Psychology Sessions during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This is an incredibly difficult and uncertain time for many. To assist during this COVID-19 pandemic period, I am offering a range of options so you can get the help you need.

Video Conference and Phone consultations

The Government has made an allowance for psychologists to offer Medicare supported Telehealth and Phone consultations during this unprecedented COVID-19 Pandemic.

If you would like to talk to me over a video conference or over the phone, please get in touch by contacting the clinic on 02 9231 1000 during business hours or via email In order for your session to be medicare rebatable, you will still need the usual referral from a GP.

Face-to-Face consultations

For those who would like to continue sessions in person, I still offer sessions at CBD Medical Practice, 70 Pitt St on certain days. These sessions will observe social distancing and appropriate hygiene practices. For more information on hygiene and illness, please see below.

I request that you don’t attend if you are feeling unwell. If you wish to keep your appointment even if you are feeling unwell I am able to accommodate you with treatment via the telephone or video conferencing as outlined above.  

Hygiene and Illness

To protect you and our team, we are implementing the following practices: 

1. Make sure your hands have been washed (or hand sanitised) before and after your appointment.

2. Practise good cough/sneeze etiquette by keeping away from other people, using disposable tissues or clothing (e.g. into your elbow), disposing of the tissues and cleaning your hands afterward.

3. As per usual practise, if you are unwell you are urged to stay home.

4. Please cancel your appointment if you have arrived in Australia in the past 14 days or if you have had close contact with a person with confirmed COVID-19 while infectious, as you must self-isolate at home for 14 days.

5. If you develop respiratory symptoms or fever, please call Health Direct on 1800 022 222 and seek medical assistance.

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